2017-Jr-Dep-Flier The Iron County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) has an all-volunteer team who patrol Iron county to assist the deputies and citizens in providing services to local residents and visitors. Our volunteers are not sworn peace officers, but provide many vital services that help the Sheriff’s deputies perform their jobs more efficiently and safely. VIPS Team members come from many different backgrounds but have a common dedication to help make our county a safer and better place to live.

Many of our team members are former law enforcement professionals and have included park rangers, sheriff’s deputies, military investigators, and reserve peace officers. However, we also have many members who have no former law enforcement experience and who have backgrounds in many varied professions. In addition, we have VIPS who have been enrolled in the Southern Utah University Criminal Justice program. This has proved to be a good introduction for them to working with law enforcement professionals and an opportunity to gain insights into their chosen profession before seeking employment.


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