What is ICSSAR (Iron County Sheriff Search and Rescue)?

We are a non-profit, fully volunteered arm of the Iron County Sheriff's Department who donate our services and time for the exclusive commitment of helping anyone in need.

We're trained to handle crowd and traffic control along with medical training and hazardous material handling allowing us to assist in any emergency situation that may arise. We're the little known extension of law enforcement working in the background. We handle lost persons with the same expertise as evacuation of plane crashes.

Every member provides their own personal vehicle, uniforms, personal equipment and expense money to be able to help our neighbor. It would not be bragging to say we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours away from families to provide services to the community. Each of us knows this when joining and are glad of the sacrifices we make for our fellow man. It is a service needed and provided for. We ask no personal gain except for a smile and 'thank you' of anyone we help.

We do ask that any person or organization able to, to donate to our goals of maintaining search and rescue equipment that is always in need of maintenance and repairs, such as snow mobiles, four wheelers, rescue and climbing equipment. We ask nothing else than your help to us, to help you.

We stand ready to provide these services at a moment's notice and remain always grateful for any assistance.

We are your members of Iron County Search and Rescue