Service Type Rate
Service of Process, Notice, Order, Garnishment, Subpoena, Summons, or other papers $20.00 +$5.00 for each additional item.
Service of Bench Warrant $50.00
Service of Order to Show Cause $20.00
Combined Bench Warrant / Order to Show Cause $70.00
B/W Copy, 8.5 x 11 .25 cents / per side
B/W Copy, 8.5 x 14 .30 cents / per side
Serving an Attachment on Property or Levying and Execution $50.00 per property
Executing an Order of Arrest or an Order for Delivery of Personal Property $50.00
Impounded Personal Property $15.00 per day
Impounded Real Property (posting a deputy on-site) $55.00 per hour, per deputy
Create and FAX Spectrum Notice $20.00 (ad not included)
Create and Mail Publication Letter to Attorney $20.00
Create and Drawing a Sheriff's Deed $20.00
Evicting Occupant $50.00
Holding a Trial of Right of Property $35.00 per trial
Conducting / Postponing / Canceling a Sale of Property $20.00
Transporting a Prisoner to a Civil Case $2.50 per mile, calculated from the Sheriff's Office
Create and Record a Certificate of Sale $20.00
Mileage to Serve Notices, Orders, Process, or other papers * $2.50 per mile, calculated from the Sheriff's Office
Transmitting Orders, Process, or other papers by mail $2.50 per mile, calculated from the Post Office
Transporting a Patient to the Utah State Hospital $2.50 per mile, calculated from the Sheriff's Office
Deposit (Real Property) $600.00
Deposit (Personal Property) $400.00
Sheriff Services, Charge to Private / Business / Commercial enterprise or individual $55.00 per hour, per deputy
Book and Release $10.00
Fingerprints $10.00
Driver Privilege Card $20.00

*Limitation on mileage: The Sheriff's Office will make three attempts; any additional attempts need to be pre-approved. Telephone attempts do not count as one of the three attempts. Total mileage cannot exceed 100 miles. If the Sheriff requires additional assistance to transport a patient to the Utah State Hospital, additional charges may be incurred.