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PRESS RELEASE: Hicks Creek Fire

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Fire Information Line: 435-680-2405

Active Fire Behavior Yesterday on Hicks Creek Fire

Cedar City, UT –Yesterday, fire managers originally planned to ignite the southeast corner using a helicopter, but high winds resulted in a cancellation of the firing operation. As the afternoon progressed, fire activity continued to increase resulting in a thick column of smoke which was then carried north toward Cedar City and beyond. On the fire line, crews who had thinned and prepared a road to use as a fuel break then engaged the fire as it approached. Embers blew overhead landing outside the control line. Several spot fires started, leaving firefighters with fire burning uphill toward them. The threat to firefighter safety on the lower end of the line caused fire managers to move those crews to a safety zone while crews on the upper end began fighting the main fire and the spot fires by hand, using helicopter bucket drop. The volume and intensity of fire caused them to have to pull back as well.

Overall, the fire grew 300 acres. This morning all 9 crews and 3 helicopters are being used to put in as much containment as possible in advance of high winds this afternoon. Incident managers are also watching the weather forecast which predicts some much-needed rain falling on the area as early as Sunday afternoon and into Monday. Additional aircraft have been ordered in preparation for increased fire behavior.

A public meeting was held last night in Cedar City where fire managers provided information on the current outlook and planning effort. The community of Cedar Highlands has been asked to prepare for evacuations should they become necessary due to wind-driven fire this afternoon.

Road closures remain in effect for the Hicks Creek area. Public traffic along Old Highway 91 and Kanarra Mountain Road has increased and motorists are reminded to not stop on the roadways.

Fire Stats:
Acres: 1,413
Containment: 35%
Structures Lost: 0
(1 camp trailer lost)
Injuries: 0
Personnel: 251
Hotshot Crews: 5
T2 Crews: 4
Helicopters: 3


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For Immediate Release
Fire Information Line: 435-680-2405

Public Safety Top Priority Entering the Weekend

Cedar City, UT - Interagency fire crews made excellent progress on the Hicks Creek incident bringing it to 37%
contained; a 32 point increase from the last report. The fire is at 1,112 acres, only growing 1 acre over the past
24 hours. Calm weather continued to aid crews as resources worked towards the goal of 100% containment.
As hunting season and the Utah Education Association (UEA) break approaches, fire managers are focused on
the safety of public as they begin to recreate this weekend. While the fire is looking better, it is still active and
not fully contained. Crews are actively engaged in suppression activities on the ground and in the air. Please
do not interfere with firefighting efforts. Observe any road closures, do not block any roads, and if you are
hiking, stay well away from the burn area. The roads in and around Shurtz Creek are still closed, but the
Southern View Mountain Biking Trail is now open.

Over the course of 72 hours, Color Country fire management officials were able to gather 271 firefighters from
across the western United States, in a time of the year where few crews are available. Those who answered
the call, limited the fires spread from 1,033 acres in the first burn period to 70 acres on day two, and only 7 on
day three. The quick response and efficiency of how this fire is being fought are not an accident. It is a
reoccurring example of the competency of Utah's fire management officials, their seamless interagency
approach (DNR, USFS, BLM, Local, Volunteer), and the skill of our nation's wildland firefighters.

A public meeting will be held tonight to discuss the fire, answer questions and present information on wildfire
preparedness programs offered locally. The meeting will be at 7:30pm in the Cedar City Stake Center on
155 East 400 South, Cedar City, UT.

Acres: 1,112
Containment: 37%
Total Personnel on Scene: 271
Closures: Roads above Shurtz Creek


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For Immediate Release
Contact: Fire Information Line: 435-680-2405

Influx of Firefighting Resources for Hicks Creek Fire

Cedar City, UT – Yesterday, containment on the Hicks Fire got underway with a surge of firefighting resources. Hand crews began working on containment lines with crews focused on the west flank of the fire nearest the homes in Shurtz Creek. Two helicopters were used to drop buckets of water on hotspots which enabled crews to make direct attack on the fire’s edge. Heavy air tankers dropped retardant on the northeast front slowing the progress toward homes in the community of Cedar Highlands. About 200 hand crew and engine personnel are being used to bring the fire to full containment.

A community meeting was held last night in Cedar Highlands where fire managers presented a current situational update and a briefing on future strategy for concerned residents. About 80 people attended and were given prospects and instructions for future evacuations that could be ordered if the fire progresses past an established trigger point south of the community.

The fire increased in size by about 70 acres and is still 2-3 miles from Cedar Highlands. Overnight, it did not make any sustained movement closer to the community. Containment efforts today will be heavily focused on the fire perimeter closest to homes. Incident personnel will also be in communities today assessing possible strategies if the fire gets to that point.

The mountain roads above Shurtz Creek remain closed, but Old Highway 91 and Kanarraville Mountain Road are open to normal traffic. Motorists may encounter fire trucks in the area and incident managers are asking for patience and caution. The Southern View mountain biking trail is also closed until further notice to accommodate aerial firefighting support.


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Date: 10-17-16
RE: Hicks Creek Fire

On 10-16-16 at approximately 1620 hours (4:20 PM), a controlled burn on private property appears to have rekindled due to the high winds causing a lot of smoke. The fire was being monitored by the private land owner at that time. The area of the fire is in the area of Hicks Creek which is approximately 3 miles south of Cedar City. On 10-17-16 at approximately at approximately 0105 hours (1:05 AM), the State Fire Warden declared the fire a wildfire.

At approximately 0400 hours (4:00 AM) , the fire had gown and was moving towards homes in the area. Three (3) homes in the area were notified to evacuate. The winds continued throughout the night at 40 mph with gusts of 60 mph. Due to the high winds and the fast movement of the fire, the Cedar Highlands subdivision on Cedar Mountain was put on standby of evacuations..

A type 3 fire incident management team has been called and in on scene as of 0900 hours (9:00 AM). There are 12 fire apparatuses with aircraft ordered for the area. There is approximately 1000 acres burned which includes state lands, BLM lands and private lands.

At this time the cause of the fire is not confirmed to have started on private land but is suspected of starting there. Fire investigators will be confirming this later.

For more information contact:
Lieutenant Del Schlosser
Iron County Sheriff’s Office
435-867-7500 Office
435-867-7550 Dispatch







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