How it Works

The Iron County Jail allows inmate account deposits:

      1. Kiosk in the jail lobby, which takes cash or debit/credit cards.
      2. Through and providing the following information:
          a. State: Utah and County: Iron
        1. b. Inmate Number: Inmate Number provided by Iron County Jail
      1. For cashier’s checks, money orders or government checks:
        1. a. by mail in an envelope with the prisoner’s name and clearly marked “for deposit only.”
Public persons may NOT deposit money into multiple ICCF Inmate accounts.
A public person may be restricted from depositing money on an inmate's account for reasons including, but not limited to:
  1. Refusal to follow ICCF rules
  2. Falsification or omission of information
  3. Assisting, conspiring, or otherwise participation in the undermining of the ICCF rules.