Mail & Letters

  • Incoming and outgoing prisoner personal mail must be on a pre-stamped or metered standard postcard.
  • The authorized size for incoming postcards is:
    1. No smaller than 3 1/2 x 4" and no larger than 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Postcards are not authorized if they:
    1. do not meet the size requirements;
    2. have pictures, photos or drawings on them;
    3. include gang symbols or writings;
    4. have watermarks, stains, stickers (including stamps), or labels;
    5. are marked with paint, cosmetics, markers, high-lighters, crayons, or other such substances;
    6. are treated with chemicals (e.g., drugs, perfume, cologne);
    7. are colors other than white; or
    8. are altered, split, or glued.
    9. do not have a return address
  • Standard pre-stamped or metered postcards may be purchased at any U.S. Post Office or at the U.S. Postal Service websites.
  • All incoming mail will be searched and may be read.
  • For money or negotiable instruments to be received for prisoners through the mail, the envelope must include the prisoner’s name and the envelope must also be designated “for deposit only” or the envelope will be refused.
  • The Iron County Jail will only accept cashier’s checks, money orders and/or government checks.
  • Other items received in the “for deposit only” envelope will not be delivered to prisoners and will be destroyed.

Sending Books

  • Books may be accepted for prisoners only if they are ordered and sent directly from a non-local publisher, distributor or retailer, such as
  • A prisoner may only receive a maximum of five (5) books per month.

Address for mail and books

Below is an example of how you should address mail to inmates:

2136 N MAIN ST