The Iron County Sheriff is responsible for protecting the citizens of Iron County by providing a secure holding facility for persons legally confined in the county. The primary mission of the Iron County Jail is public safety. The secondary mission of the Iron County Jail is to instill the concept of personal responsibility to it’s prisoners.

Public Safety

The Iron County Jail meets its public safety mission by:

1. Providing secure housing for:

  • pretrial detainees and other un-sentenced inmates awaiting judicial actions
  • inmates convicted of misdemeanor offenses
  • convicted felons
  • juveniles detained as a result of orders from the juvenile court
  • other persons as required by state law

2. Preventing inmates from escaping the facility or during transport by facility staff

3. Implementing policies and procedures designed to prevent inmate violence, and to respond decisively in those situations when violence does occur

4. Providing care and services necessary to meet the basic needs of those incarcerated.

Personal Responsibility

The Iron County Jail meets its mission to instill the concept of personal responsibility--to the extent possible with the very limited average length of stay in jail--by making rules, regulations and policies allowing:

1. Work Programs

2. Educational programs that promote skills and attitudes which will increase the likelihood of success upon re-entry to the community

3. Incentives for good behavior

4. Accountability for misconduct

Visiting Hours & Rules

See for days, times, rules, and scheduling.

Mail & Books

Info on how to send inmates mail and books.

Inmate Telephone Calls

Info on how inmate telephone calls work & account setup info.

Inmate Money Account

Info on how to get money into an inmates money account.

Bond Process

How to post bond at the Iron County Jail.

Email an Inmate

Information and login to the email an inmate program.