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Date: July 30, 2013

Open Letter of Thanks and Appreciation to the Citizens of Iron County

On July 27th 2013, portions of Cedar City and Enoch were hit with a massive and dangerous rainstorm that dumped over two inches of rain in a short period of time. I have lived in Iron County my entire life and that was some of the worst weather I have experienced. Unfortunately, several homes, businesses and a church were damaged as a result of the flooding associated with the storm. It is my hope that everyone impacted by this terrible storm will be able to recover without too much disruption to their lives.

I write this letter to openly thank everyone that came out on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th to fill sand bags for the citizens of Iron County that were trying to save their property and belongings from further flood damage. I was amazed and humbled at the number of volunteers that showed up at a moment’s notice to help out.

I would like to thank the following: The Iron County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, all of the off duty and on duty Iron County Sheriff’s Deputies that showed up, Iron County Emergency Medical Services, Iron County Emergency Management, Iron County Correctional Facility Inmates, The Division of Wildlife Resources, MS Concrete for the heavy equipment needed to assist with filling sandbags, Sunroc Corporation for delivering the much needed sand at a moment’s notice, and several volunteers that showed up just to give back to their community. I have witnessed time and again how the citizens of Iron County pull together in times of need and emergency and this makes me both proud and grateful to live in such a giving community and County.


Sheriff Mark O. Gower
Iron County Sheriff

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