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Spring has finally arrived in Iron County which means people will be heading out to the hills and back country to enjoy the nice weather. Unfortunately Iron County and Washington County are in the center of the bull’s-eye so to speak in regards to cartel based marijuana gardens/grows. Every year for the last several, the Iron County Sheriff’s Office along with the help of several other law enforcement agencies have eradicated thousands of marijuana plants out of these clandestine grows. These grows are located in the hills and back country, off the beaten path, usually near a water source.
These grows present a definite threat to public safety and the environment. The people in charge of these grows are illegal aliens from Mexico and they are directly involved with deadly drug cartels based in Mexico. This is organized crime all the way and they only thing they are concerned with is the money to be made off of each grow. They do not respect human life or the environment.
The Iron County Sheriff’s Office asks that you be careful and always aware of your surroundings while hiking, shed hunting, bike riding or whatever it is that takes you off the beaten path. I encourage you to click on the tab “News Room” which is located at the top of our web page and then click on the link “Marijuana Cultivation in Utah” this short video will show you what to look for and tell you what to do if you encounter a grow while out in the back country.

Sheriff Mark O. Gower

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  1. Larry Appling  May 4, 2012

    Thanks Mark for the reminded. I will use this information as a safety contact in our security department here at AMPAC/WECCO if you don’t mind.


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