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Sheriff-Mark-Gower I would like to take this time to recognize and explain to the citizens of Iron County how valuable volunteers are to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office as we carry out our day to day operations. The Iron County Sheriff’s Office has many responsibilities when it comes to providing high quality public safety to the citizens and visitors of Iron County. Volunteers working with the Sheriff’s Office are the only reason we are able to stay up with the sometimes overwhelming workload we experience. Below, I will reveal how the volunteers working with the Sheriff’s Office make it all happen for us on a daily basis.

Animal Shelter: We currently have several volunteers that help make the Iron County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Shelter run smoothly on a daily basis. Carrie Haber is one of the very dedicated volunteers that we rely on so much. Carrie has been working at the shelter for several years helping us with adoptions, making sure the dogs are taken care of properly and maintaining the facility. Our shelter is a no kill shelter, which in turn requires several hours a week working with dog rescue groups and citizens wishing to adopt a dog. We want make sure the dogs being adopted are going off to good homes with responsible owners. We absolutely could not perform our Animal Control responsibilities without the help of Carrie and the other volunteers that give back to their community by helping us out at our shelter.

Search and Rescue: The Iron County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue has been serving Iron County citizens and visitors for over five decades. Currently the Search and Rescue is commanded by Ken Heidenreich. Ken has many years of service with us and is very knowledgeable and dedicated to the mission of Search and Rescue. The Search and Rescue Team is staffed entirely by volunteers who live and work in our community. Presently, there are over 30 volunteers providing this vital service to Iron County. Members of Search and Rescue are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on a moment’s notice, these selfless volunteers will leave their families, home and job to come out to look for and rescue someone who is lost or injured in our back country or in our cities. These volunteers take time away from their jobs and at their own expense to help people when they need it the most. The Iron County Sheriff’s Office depends heavily on the Search and Rescue Team to help us out when the call comes in.

VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service): The Iron County Sheriff’s Office oversees a very successful and effective VIPS program. In 2011 the Iron County Sheriff’s Office implemented the VIPS program and now we wonder how we ever got along without this service. Currently we have 15 volunteers that work closely with the Sheriff’s Office on special events, crowd control, traffic control, patrol functions, crime scene protection, equipment repair and maintenance, and any other area where extra personnel may be needed. The VIPS are presently commanded by Bill Sommers who brings over 40 years of public safety experience to the Sheriff’s Office. Every volunteer in the VIPS have many years of experience and talents that we learn from and respect. These VIPS volunteers are much appreciated and respected for giving back to the community they live in by volunteering with the Sheriff’s Office.

Ropes Rescue Team: The Iron County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of our Rope Rescue Team. This team is made up of full time Sheriff’s Office employees and volunteers. Presently we have eight volunteers on this team. The Ropes Rescue Team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team responds to any emergency situation that requires a technical rope rescue. These situations include falls and accidents in the back country, mountain climbing accidents, confined space rescues, vehicle accidents or any other situation that requires this type of rescue. This team has even rescued a dog that had fallen down a mine shaft. Presently this team is commanded by Mike Gibbs, who oversees all maintenance at the Iron County Sheriff’s Office facilities. Mike has worked very hard to make this team one of the most highly trained teams in the southern end of the State. Every year our Ropes Rescue Team helps train other teams to better serve the Counties and communities they live in. This last summer was very busy for our team, and we are so lucky to have this level of expertise in our County.

As you can now see, the Iron County Sheriff’s Office relies on over 50 volunteers on a daily basis to help the Iron County Sheriff’s Office with its mission to provide the best public safety service possible. The Sheriff’s Office could not operate effectively and efficiently without the volunteers that selflessly give back to their community this way.

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