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Sheriff-Mark-GowerOver the last few weeks I have found myself on the receiving end of several random acts of kindness by the good people of Iron County. While in uniform, I have had my breakfast, lunch and drinks purchased for me by citizens because they wanted to say thank you for our service to the community. People approach me on a regular basis when I am at the gas pump, in stores and on the street, just to say thank you for all we do.
I am very humbled and appreciative by these acts of kindness, and it confirms to me that I live in one of the best communities in the nation. What impresses me most about this, is with the current bad press Law Enforcement has been receiving nationwide over the last couple of years, the fine people of Iron County continue to choose to support the Peace Officers who serve our community so selflessly every day.
I want you to know that every Peace Officer in Iron County who puts on that badge or shield every day before heading out the door to cover a shift in Corrections or on Patrol considers it a privilege and an honor to serve and protect the community they live in. Thanks again to the great people of Iron County for supporting the dedicated Peace Officers who serve with pride.


Sheriff Mark O. Gower
Iron County Sheriff

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