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Emergency-Services-Division I would like to spotlight the Iron County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Medical Services for my article this month. In November of 2012 the Iron County Commission placed the administration and day to day operations of the Iron County Ambulance service under the Iron County Sheriff’s Office direction.

I want to say I am humbled and duly impressed with the Paramedics and EMT’s that work for this division. They are highly trained and very dedicated to their job. These dedicated men and women have worked very hard to achieve their level of training and they put themselves on the line everyday to provide this vital service to the Citizens and Visitors of Iron County.

Lieutenant Jody Edwards and Operations Sergeant, Ty March have taken this service to new levels by incorporating new policies and building the morale with the employees who make this service so successful. I would like to highlight some of the many improvements that have been accomplished since November 2012.

  • Rescue Paramedics and EMS personnel are required to be enroute within 1 minute of page out time. At night time the Paramedics are to be enroute within 2 minutes.
  • There has been a decrease in average response times since the Sheriff’s Office has taken over due to run configuration policy that was set in place by the new administration.
    • Iron County Response Times
    • 2010: 14 minutes and 22 seconds
    • 2011: 13 minutes and 22 seconds
    • 2012: 12 minutes and 45 seconds
    • 2013: 12 minutes and 30 seconds
    • 2014: 11 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Response times in Cedar City are between 2 and 6 minutes.
  • The Sheriff’s office has also added an additional 3rd medic to be staged on call that has helped with Critical Care Transports and 911 calls.
  • Iron County Ambulance provides Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support. In addition Iron County Ambulance provides Critical Care Transports ( Patients on multiple lifesaving drugs and Life Support)
  • Iron County Ambulance has increased the EMS personal throughout the county by increasing EMTS and has at least one if not two Paramedics in Parowan, New Harmony and Beryl.
  • Currently the ambulance service has 11 state certified ambulances and 3 state certified Paramedic rescue units.
  • Ambulances are stationed in Cedar, Parowan, Beryl and New Harmony.
  • Iron County currently has 18 Lifepack Monitors (AED and Cardiac Monitor) that are inspected and certified each year by Physio-Controll.
  • Iron County Sheriff has certified several deputies as state certified Emergency Medical Responders, EMT’s, and now has 1 Paramedic Patrol Deputy.
  • Iron County EMS Protocols and Run configuration were updated and mandated under new administration.

As you can see this service has improved and it will continue to improve with the leadership of Lt. Jody Edwards and Sgt. March. Feel free to contact my office with any concerns, comments or suggestions that will help us serve you better.

Sheriff Mark O. Gower
Iron County Sheriff

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