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Two arrested for 4 pounds of crystal meth worth $183,000

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Meth Pipleline Bust ABC4 news storyCEDAR CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - An Iron County Sheriff's Deputy found 4 pounds of crystal meth worth more than $180,000 after stopping two individuals on the I-15 interstate for a traffic violation.

Deputy Wade Lee said he first saw a marijuana joint in the door handle then proceeded to check the contents in the vehicle where he found cocaine, pills, and a little bit of weed.

Lee then separated the two and asked them where they were headed. The duo gave him different stories. Kearns allegedly said they were going car shopping while Nie said they were headed towards baby shower. That's when Lee decided to look inside the car again.

"I knew something was up. We were in the back seat and I noticed that the center console looked like it had come off at one point so I used my knife and popped the back of it off and inside the center in were three bags containing large amounts of methamphetamine," Lee said.

The drug task force estimate the value of the drugs at $183,000. The find is what authorities call a "pipeline" bust when drugs are carried through the interstate.

"It's in the purest form. We never see it this big," Lee explained when showing the drugs to ABC4 southern Utah reporter Tasmin Mahfuz.

Nie and Kearns were traveling from California to Colorado but are now on bail for $30,000 cash only.

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