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Precious Metals

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Iron County deputies took a theft report that occurred on the 3000 block West of 4000 N. The complainant had found a pile of metal objects he had on his property had been stolen. An investigation is currently underway surrounding this incident. The Iron County Sheriff's Office encourages any citizen who possesses metal, to make certain it is secure. All metals at this time have a premium price for the purpose of recycle. The Iron County Sheriff's Office has on record numerous cases of stolen property involving recyclable metal. All precious metals including: iron, copper, copper wire, aluminum, ECT. are the target of these criminals. Please take your first opportunity to secure these items if you possess them on your property. Property in the outlying areas appears to be a prime target. The iron County Sheriff's office pledges to be ever vigilant in patrolling these outlying areas looking for suspicious activity and confirming any possible trespass. If you have any questions surrounding the theft of recyclable materials please contact detective David Mitchell at the Iron County Sheriff's Office. 435-867-7500.

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