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Dog at Large Problem

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The Iron County Sheriff’s Office is experiencing a substantial increase in Dog at large problems and complaints. In the coming months the Sheriff’s Office will be strictly enforcing Utah State Law and Iron County ordinances which cover the responsibilities of dog owners who reside in the unincorporated portions of Iron County. Dog owners in Iron County are required to keep their dogs confined to their property. If the dogs are taken off their property the owner must be with the dog to control it.

Dog at Large problems cause local Ranchers thousands of dollars each year when their livestock is killed or injured by dogs that are unattended and neglected by their owners. Dog owners who allow their dogs to roam unattended are responsible and liable for all damages caused by that dog. The Iron County Sheriff’s Office wants our neighborhoods to be safe so people can go for walks, exercise or play without fear of being chased or bitten by a dog which is allowed to roam without proper supervision.

In closing, Dog at Large problems take up a lot of time for the Patrol Deputies, which in turn takes them away from patrols that are focused at reducing crime in our jurisdictions. Please be responsible with your pets and remember spaying and neutering is the best way to control pet overpopulation in our community.


Sheriff Mark O. Gower

Iron County Sheriff

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