Use the form below to request records from the Iron County Utah Sheriff's Office. Please make sure to read all of the following information before submitting your request. If you prefer to use a offline form, you can find that by clicking here.


  • Private or protected records will only be released to the person listed as the Subject of the record. Subject of the Record is the victim, suspect, or other defined in Utah GRAMA section 63G-2-202.
  • Controlled records are not subject to release
  • The Iron County Sheriff's Office will have up to 10 business days from the submission of this form to release the record to you.
  • Toxicology results may only be release to the following: the subject of the record; an attorney who has been retained by the subject of the record; or another governmental agency, provided that they will be used for the purpose for which they were collected.

Identification must be provided prior to release of a protected or private record pursuant to Utah Code 63G-2-202.

Fee Schedule

Black & White Copies: $5.00 for 1-10 pages, $0.25 / page every page thereafter
Color Copies: $1.00 per page
Dashcam or Bodycam or any other Video/DVD: $25.00 per video/DVD
Photos: $20.00 for a CD or $2.00 per printed page (1, 2, or 4 per page)
Please Note: Depending on the scope or amount of information requested, there could be an additional charge for the cost of staff time for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs for complying with a request.


Full payment of the estimated fee is required before any records will be processed and provided. Payment can be made in cash, money order, or cashier’s check (Payable to the Iron County Sheriff's Office). Debit and credit card payments are available upon request. Differences in the final cost from the estimated cost will be collected prior to receipt of the recording and refunds will be mailed to the requester.