Active Dispatch Incidents/Calls

The following active incidents are dispatched from the Cedar Communications Center in Cedar City. The contents are updated at fifteen minute intervals from the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system. The following is only for information purposes only. Please contact the responsible agency for actual records.
Call Nature Agency Reported
727 Impaired Driver UHP 0hrs 17min 25sec ago
726 Reckless Drive UHP 0hrs 22min 59sec ago
725 Citizen Assist PPD 0hrs 13min 4sec ago
723 Drugs CCPD 0hrs 32min 44sec ago
721 Animal Problem ECPD 0hrs 37min 19sec ago
720 PD Accident UHP 0hrs 34min 24sec ago
718 Fire Alarm CCFD 0hrs 45min 3sec ago
715 Traffic Hazard UHP 1hrs 12min 32sec ago
701 4651 UHP 2hrs 2min 37sec ago
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